Stair Lift Prices – The costs involved


Stair Lift Prices – The costs involved As you can imagine, prices are set based on demand, supply and the cost of manufacture. There is a growing demand for stair lifts and supply is quite plentiful, but from a cost of manufacture point of view, how does cost of manufacture effect stair lift prices. Stair Lift Prices – Design and […]

Stairlift Manufacturers

Stairlift Manufacturers


Stairlift Manufacturers There are a number of world class stairlift manufacturers across the world and within this blog post we will take a look at what makes these stairlift manufacturers so special and successful. First up is Meditek Stairlifts. Meditek Stairlifts Relatively speaking, quite a young company, which is almost 20 years old pioneering the design and manufacture of stairlifts.  […]


Stairlift for Sale – A Little Bit of History from BM Stairlifts


Stairlift for Sale – A Little bit of History from BM Stairlifts Stairlift for Sale. That was the dream when Brian Cooper and Mike Mooney decided to take the plunge and set up BM Stairlifts all the way back in 2005. The B and the M as you can guess represents the two owners!! Very creative lads!! Anyway, ten years […]


Otolift – An overview of Otolift Starilifts


Otolift We previously documented a short history of Otolift stairlifts, well today we will take a deeper look at the Otolift stairlifts themselves, what makes them so special!! Otolift have two primary stairlifts, the Otolift ONE and the Otolift TWO, so lets take a deeper look at each one. Otolift ONE Curved Stairlift An ideal stairlift for narrow and steep […]


Stairs Lift – Safety Records and Why is it so good


Stairs Lift – Safety Records and Why is it so good You may have read in 2013 the unfortunate incident where a stair lift failed and caused the death of two people.  A shocking incident with a tragic outcome.  Many people tell me about this story and I believe people tend to remember this particular story mainly due to the fact […]

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Stair Lifts Prices – What might you expect to pay?


Stair Lifts Prices The price of stair lifts can range in price significantly, from 500 euro to 5000 euro.   So, why the large variation in price? Second Hand Stair Lifts or Reconditioned Stair Lifts Well, you can take a per-determined risk and buy a second hand stair lift from around 500 euros. Which is around the cheapest second hand stair […]

BM Stairlifts

BM Stairlifts – Going from Strength to Strength…..


You can’t beat word of mouth referrals, BM Stairlifts still going from strength to strength.  Sales so far this year up 40 units on last year.  Well done to the entire team, see below a few recent references: “Very reliable service and company from the beginning to the end of the process. The stairlift installers were very helpful with the […]

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Today is…International Day of Older Persons


Today is…International Day of Older Persons Almost every day of the year is assigned some sort of status in order to generate awareness and well intended funding for a charity, tackling a global disease or an inequality. Well, on the 14th of December 1990 the UN General Assembly designated the 1st Day of October as the ‘International Day of Older […]

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Interesting Press Release from ‘ALONE’


ALONE CEO The CEO of ALONE, Sean Moynihan, has welcomed the announcement from Minister Kathleen Lynch that €450 million will be allocated for the refurbishment or replacement of state-owned nursing homes and facilities for people with disabilities. The economy is certainly picking up and reinvesting in infrastructure initiatives when the tax returns are good and the labour rates are competitive, […]

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BM Stairlifts – News for this weekend! Wedding Anniversary? And Bald Eagles!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Happy Wedding Anniversary to very own Jacinta who has been with BM Stairlifts since the formation of the company and who is an integral part of the BM Stairlifts team.  Anyway, congratulations to Jacinta and and her very lucky husband Chris who celebrate their wedding anniversary this weekend.  Maybe we can find an old wedding picture for […]