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Stair lift Prices in Ireland

a guide to stairlift prices in ireland

All you need to know about stair lift prices in Ireland. Free On-site Survey & Quote. 24/7 Customer Support. Nationwide Stair Lift Installations.


Acorn Stairlifts Ireland


Acorn Stairlifts are one of the most respected and renowned stairlifts manufacturers, with a worldwide reputation for reliability, innovation safety and design simplicity. Founded in 1992 in Yorkshire, England, they have grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of stairlifts worldwide. BM Stairlifts are an approved Acorn Stairlifts reseller and maintenance provider and have been installing and servicing Acorn […]


A Chair Lift for Stairs or a Stairlift? What’s the difference?

Chair Lift For Stairs

Is there a difference between a chair lift for stairs or a stairlift? Simply speaking there is no difference at all. They are both the same thing! A Chair Lift for Stairs will provide the same advantages as a stairlift, it will allow you to go up and down your stairs. It will mean you don’t have to leave your […]


Second Hand Stair Lifts


There is no doubting the fact that curved stair lifts can be financially prohibiting. Straight stair lifts due to their lesser level of complexity are somewhat cheaper. Some people tend to explore the option of a pre-owned or second hand stair lifts. Most second hand stair lifts are well taken care of and can be very tempting when the price […]

BM Stairlifts

Straight Stair Lift Price Offer!

Standard Straight Stairlift Supplied & Fitted for only €1,695! We are offering a standard straight stairlift, supplied and fitted for only €1695 + VAT (VAT is fully refundable). Our straight stairlifts are manufactured by some of the worlds best know stairlift brands including Acorn, Meditek & Thyssen, who adhere to strict international safety standards, thus offering you peace of mind […]

BM Stairlifts, Stairlifts

Stair Lift Installation – Whats Involved?

Stair Lift Installation

So, you have placed an order with BM Stairlifts and the stair lift installation is about to be undertaken. So, what can you expect when the team arrives and the stair lift installation is about to start. Stair Lift Installation Firstly, Jen, Jacinta or Carol will run you through the entire process and make sure you are satisfied that you […]


Bison Stairlift – Some Resources

The Bison Stairlift brand has been about for decades now, and as you may know since 2008 the Bison Stairlift brand was bought by Acorn Stairlifts. The Bison Stairlift is still in production and continues to sell in large numbers around the world. So, in this blog, considering you may have an old Bison Stairlift, we will look at some […]



Otolift are a family run company, established in Holland in 1891 by a Mr. Otto Ooms. Otolift didn’t start to make stairlifts until the 1960’s and its reputation was built on reliability and design. From design awards in 2003 and the crème of the crop award in 2011, the Otolift One was awarded the RED DOT AWARD – quite an […]


Stairlifts in Cork

Stairlifts Cork

Getting up and down the stairs can be a very demanding experience so investing in some good Stairlifts Cork can really help you a lot. As you age, it’s very hard to maintain a lot of power in your legs, and this can be troublesome if you have lots of stairs in your home. With the Stairlifts Cork you have […]


Stairlifts in Galway

Stairlift Prices

Finding out that we have a disease or condition that affects our movement can be heartbreaking, but the reality is that there are quite a lot of things that you can take into account in order to generate the best possible experience. For example, purchasing Stairlifts Galway can be a very good investment because even a single stairlift place within […]


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