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Stairlifts Prices – Continued

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the factors that are attributed to stairlifts prices are: design and research, product testing, patient applications. However, this blog post will look at the external factors that contribute to stairlifts prices. First up is market research and customer feedback……

Stairlifts Prices – Market Research and Customer Feedback

When a product is developed, like a concept car, marketers have to obtain feedback in focus groups in order to find out if there is an appetite for the new product and if so, calculate and estimate what the market size and return may be. Again another step in the product development that will add to stairlifts prices.  And then they may have to go back to the drawing board, depending on the research!!

Here is a great example of a focus group on the British Apprentice:

Stairlifts Prices – Production and Assembly

Once the product has been approved for production and the market research is positive. Lines of production belts have to be designed, employees hired and paid!  He is an example of a production line photo from Stannah Stairlifts.

Stairlifts Prices Delivery and Installation

Once made, orders are processed, which requires more staff and perhaps the delivery is outsourced. Again adding further layers to the total stairlifts price.

Once delivered to authorised stairlifts installers, the stairlift installers have to make their cut, otherwise there would be nothing in it for them! Some stairlift companies in the past tried to perform the installations themselves in the past, but localised knowledge was required. The partner business model was more effective.

Management and Marketing

And finally the whole process has to be managed and the product them marketing. Money is spend on new brochures, digital advertising, and advertising…..All adding to the stairlifts prices!!!

To summarise, stairlifts are not cheap however, if you consider the even the steps mentioned above, you can appreciate stairlifts prices!

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