Second Hand Stair Lifts


There is no doubting the fact that curved stair lifts can be financially prohibiting. Straight stair lifts due to their lesser level of complexity are somewhat cheaper. Some people tend to explore the option of a pre-owned or second hand stair lifts.

Most second hand stair lifts are well taken care of and can be very tempting when the price on offer is far cheaper than a new stair lift. Before you make that decision to buy a second hand stair lift privately, consider these factors below.

Purchasing a Second Hand Stair Lift Privately – The Pitfalls?

  • How will you install the stair lift?
  • How can you determine if the stairlift is in good condition or not? How will you find out its full service history?
  • Have you considered the maintenance requirements of your secondhand stair lift?
  • Would you be competent installing a second hand stair lift, have you any experience installing second hand stair lifts?
  • How long do you think a successful stair lift installation will take you? How much is you weekend worth?!! Do you need the hassle?
  • And lets say, the installation doesn’t go so well, who will you turn to? If!!
  • With a secondhand straight stairlift, the entire assembly can be reused, however, are you aware that with a curved stairlift the rail must be customised and bespoke to fit your staircase – the secondhand rail is redundant.



How Can BM Stairlifts Help?

Yes we are a stairlift installation company who want you to engage our services, however, we have seen many people paying more in the long run due to lack of knowledge and experience and we would just like to make people realise that it’s not just the price of a lift that matters. We do stock second hand stair lifts…which might fit your budget.

At BM Stairlifts we can remove all the hassle for you, leave the stair lift installation to the experts! Remove the chance that you could buy an end of life second hand stair lift, remove the the installation worries and the time and hassle you will likely experience.

If have any enquiries about your stairlift options, whether a second hand stair lift is appropriate or perhaps we may have an alternative affordable option.

We stock a range of quality reconditioned second hand stair lifts.  Visit our Reconditioned Stairlits page for further details. 

Contact Jen or Jacinta in the office on 1890-837274 or email   We will do our best to provide you with impartial advice, and discuss whether a secondhand stair lift is right for your needs.

Advantages of Purchasing a Second Hand Stair Lift from BM Stairlifts

  • BM Stairlifts qualified engineers and electricians have been installing stairlifts for more than a decade
  • BM Stairlifts ensures that all of our secondhand stairlifts have been reconditioned to meet our strict standards
  • BM Stairlifts provide a comprehensive 12 month guarantee (optional service maintenance package available after the guarantee expires)
  • BM Stairlifts secondhand stairlifts come with a unique serial number, verifying the stairlift’s full history.


An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options?


The reality of life is that perpetuity has no place. We all get older (tell me about me!!) our mind and body may not react as effectively as it used to be. Of course there are medicines, treatments and equipment to hep people live a comfortable life. And a stairlift within you house can help you get about your house.

One of your beloved parents may have purchased a stairlift in their later years and you might now be in a positon to take care of and manage your parents estate.

So, what can you do with a secondhand stair lift? How much might it be worth? Should I just drop the secondhand stair lift into the recycling centre? Let’s look at a few options.

Do not bin your secondhand stair lift…..

Yes, your secondhand stair lift could be worth a few quid, no reason why you can’t dissemble the stair lift, take a few photos and upload it onto a few websites. You can get anything from 250 euros to 1000 euros for a decent secondhand stair lift.

First thing to do is give our office a call as your lift may be of interest to us.

What websites should I post my secondhand stair lift on?

If you do decide to sell your stairlift privately, there are a number of classified websites that may have secondhand stair lifts listed, such as: – operated by Distilled Media Group


secondhand-stair-lift – owned by Schibsted Media Group


secondhand-stairlift – owned by the Kijiji family, which is within the eBay family!




  1. Jose Calderon says:

    We bought a Bison Stairlift second hand series 05451-923200 and arrived damaged we urgently need the technical manual to be able to repair stairlift.
    Please indicate if the requested manual has any cost to proceed with the payment by bank transfer.
    immediate attention is appreciated.

    • Stairlifts says:


      There are links to user manuals on this page –

      Hope that helps.

  2. John Riordan says:

    Hi we had a stair lift fitted 18 months ago for my Mother, who since passed away a few months ago.
    Its is a curved / swivelle seat, do you buy stairlifts ?
    Please let me know

    Thanks John

    • Stairlifts says:

      Hi John. If you can send pictures of the lift to including any other details you may have ( make of lift, etc.) and Brian will be in touch.

  3. Ausha says:

    Hi i have indoor and outdoor chairlifts which been used twice and our granny passed away. would you be interesting in buying then?where can i forward you photos?

    • Stairlifts says:

      Hi there, If you can forward the pictures to and include what County the stairlift is in. Thank you.

  4. desmond dalton says:

    we also have a chair lift its a stannah lift from 10 years ago would you be interested in it , can you reply to my e mail

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