An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options?


An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options? The reality of life is that perpetuity has no place. We all get older (tell me about me!!) our mind and body may not react as effectively as it used to be. Of course there are medicines, treatments and equipment to hep people live a comfortable life. And a stairlift within you house […]


Reconditioned Stairlifts – a few myths explained….


Reconditioned Stairlifts Firstly, most stairlift companies offer a working guarantee against reconditioned stairlifts, usually 12 months. Any concerns you might have can be offset the reconditioned stairlift guarantee. Of course, there is a reason the stairlift is reconditioned, it may be second hand or have a minor spurious fault from the manufacturing plant. The flaw on the reconditioned stairlift you […]