Bison Stairlift – Some Resources

The Bison Stairlift brand has been about for decades now, and as you may know since 2008 the Bison Stairlift brand was bought by Acorn Stairlifts. The Bison Stairlift is still in production and continues to sell in large numbers around the world. So, in this blog, considering you may have an old Bison Stairlift, we will look at some […]


Bison Stairlifts – A Company History


Bison Stairlifts Over the past few months we have profiled a number of stairlift manufacturers on our blog, such as Acorn and Otolifts. Within this blog post we will look at another well know stairlift manufacturer, Bison Stairlifts. BisonĀ is yet another stairlift company that had its worldwide origins in England. Bison stairlifts was established in 1981, when its founder realised […]