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So, what is involved when you schedule a stairlift approved engineer and request a stairlift service? What can you expect, how long might it take and how can you help prior to the stairlift engineer arriving?

Installations can take a few hours, up to four hours, depending on a number of factor and many stairlift companies offer a 24 Hour service contract, including BM Stairlifts. However, there is no harm in making sure your stairlift operates effectively throughout its lift and that you schedule a regular stairlift service. Your stairlift will have a higher life expectancy if it is serviced at least once a year. A stairlift service will also ensure the safety of your stairlift and provide you with that piece of mind.

A stairlift service will involve a full inspection of the structural and operational functions of the lift and its interface with the surrounding environment. Including electrics, power supply, hydraulics, safety, Clean rail, rack, and guide pads.

Other stairlift service functions include:

  • Checking rail wear
  • Clean charging contacts
  • Check battery voltage (load test)
  • Check safety switches (footrest, carriage, seat).
  • Check armrest switch and keyswitch
  • Check battery charger output:


Load test using remote controls: check voltage while carriage is traveling up.

Test with carriage against contacts

Test with carriage away from contacts.

Check contacts

  • Speed Check
  • Check seat belt for wear and proper operation.
  • Examine exposed wiring. Are there any cuts or abrasions?
  • Verify operation of seat swivel mechanism. Does it move easily and lock in place correctly?
  • Check that all hardware is properly tightened.

Make sure your stairlift service engineers are qualified and have a recongised reputation. If you have any queries or would like to schedule a stairlift service, contact the BM Strairlift service team.

Here is a short video that highlights one feature of a stairlift service:

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